Musisi Brian


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Musisi Brian

I am a data science and machine learning practitioner that loves to use data to improve product experience, discover insights and tell stories from them as well as contribute to social good.

I have been practising data science for the last two years. I work at a commercial bank where we have a large number of customers interacting with our systems producing a large amount of data every day. I support the use of data to better improve our systems, through data-driven monitoring and anomaly detection. Most importantly we use the data we collect to add functionality to our applications and in developing new applications. Data visualisation is also a big part of the work I do through the creation of real-time graphical dashboards and report generating systems.

Away from my work at the bank,I am working together with other individuals and NGOs to help improve services as well as open up possibilites for new ones in refugee settlements in Uganda. The solutions I am working on heavily rely on machine learning and data science in general.

The areas of data science I work with most often and that I am most interested are machine learning, data visualisation and mining.