Otim Samuel


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Otim Samuel

Otim Samuel is the founder of Trail Analytics Limited, a software development firm that helps regulated financial institutions analyze and report their financial data to facilitate credit scoring by credit reference bureaus.

His clients include:
1. a very big Ugandan commercial bank
2. a very small Ugandan commercial bank
3. an Association of Micro Finance Institutions
4. a Kenyan insurance company
5. a local NGO that loves bringing smiles to children’s faces

Before launching Trail Analytics, Samuel served as Project Manager with Barclays Bank Uganda. He then spent 4 years learning the ins and outs of financial institutions when he served as a Project Manager with Compuscan CRB; a South African based credit bureau whose clients include all regulated financial institutions in Uganda.

Samuel has consulted for different institutions in the area of data origination, sanitization and analysis. One of his recent projects involved the development of improved algorithms to facilitate the extraction of data from core banking systems to facilitate accurate reporting to the credit bureau.

In addition to being a data scientist, Samuel loves fine art and photography. His work has been featured on the walls of his office as well as several websites and dashboards he’s designed. He is also passionate about sharing information and spends time speaking at local events.